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Welcome to Real Food Portland!

Are you the type of person who gets excited by the prospect of picking your own fresh fruit straight from the tree? Do you carefully tend the herb pot on your window sill? Does the sight of chickens make you smile? Us too! So pull up a chair. We think that you'll find some useful information.

Inspired by several books ("Real Food" by Nina Planck, "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon, the many books of Michael Pollan) and by the amazing variety of fresh, high-quality, locally-derived foods that we are so fortunate to have in Portland, this site seeks to bring you a collection of resources so that you'll be better able to locate foods that are healthy for you, the planet, and our local economy.

So what exactly is meant by the term "real food"? Simple, whole, minimally-processed foods without any crazy ingredients or scary processing. It means organic and/or sustainably-farmed foods that are locally grown whenever possible.

Real food does NOT contain GMO's (genetically-modified organisms), rBST, hydrogenated oils, ammonia or hexane. It is not irradiated, fumigated, doused in pesticides, or high-heat treated. It is not scrubbed of all its nutrients, pulverized and reformed into brightly-colored, artificially-flavored shapes. It is not sold by Monsanto or McDonald's or Frito-Lay. And it ain't a Cliff Bar either.

Real food is as close to its original, unadulterated state as possible. Because no matter how hard they try, synthetic nutrition can never match that which is provided by nature. For more information, please see the "Info" page.

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